Hey! I'm Adriel Dinelli a Software Engineer


I materialize digital stuff and make it behave, mostly by writing code - like painting life on a canvas. Or, on a more professional wording, I translate business needs, ideas and features into software. Been doing this for , still loving it, still learning.

Some of my work are the visible things you click, move, hover, type and touch on your screen - you may call this the frontend.

The other part of my work lives out of most people's sights: designing APIs, modeling databases, making pieces of software talk to each other, hosting them on cloud platforms. You may call this the backend.

I made a career out of combining those superpowers and so many other technologies, making contributions to a variety of industries, such as financial, smart devices, marketing and healthtech.

I'm a Brazilian software engineer that lives in São Paulo, enjoys hot coffee and cold beer.

What I've been working with






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Vanilla US

An estate planning software with a modern visual approach for advisors, planners, attorneys and clients. Visit Vanilla

- My first job as a contractor working for an US company;

Bionexo Brazil | LATAM

A healthtech SaaS platform with a wide range of solutions focused on supply chain management and revenue cycle for hospitals, clinics and suppliers. Visit Bionexo

- Had a role as Tech Lead on a Business Agreement squad, from the start to delivery in production;

- Adopted React and helped developers migrate Bionexo's main product to use this library;

- Was a Design System advocate and built one using web-components;

Media Response Group | Hotwords Brazil | LATAM

An ad network specialized in professional communication campaigns, content monetization through many digital formats and contextual branding (2006-2018). Visit MGR | Hotwords

- My first experience working with Ruby on Rails and effectivly as a fullstack developer;

- Created many interactive campaings in fullpage ads for movie releases, such as Warcraf;

Samsung Sidia Brazil

A R&D institute exploring and creating technologies for smart devices, embeded software, industry automation and many others. Visit Samsung Sidia

- Developed and gave maintenance for SmartTV apps;

- Used Unity 3D to create a sample game for SmartTVs;

GXS - Open Text Brazil | US

GXS was a Value-added Network for data transfer of financial and mercantile nature. Later acquired by OpenText. Visit Open Text

- Designed a complex data transfer flow and format translation between a client and their partnering financial institutes;

- First experience working with an international team, supporting the US developers in a system migration;

- My first job!